Summary of 2020 Meadowbrook Estates (ME) Survey 

Summary of Results

Meadowbrook Estates (ME) is the area bounded by Cogbill Road, Hopkins Road and Falling Creek excluding the apartments and including Lake Hills.

The first week in January, MECA mailed a very short but open-ended survey to 415 Neighbors. The 8 Directors did not participate to prevent a bias in results. As of March 31, 84 surveys were returned which is 20.2 % and represents a statistically valid sample. Of the 84 returned, 60 surveys gave a numerical rating of MECA which averaged 9.1 on a scale of 1=awful to 10=excellent. The bar graph below shows the distribution of ratings.

This rating is very complimentary, and we thank you. MECA will continue to work hard to make ME a well-kept and safe neighborhood which is enjoyed by neighbors.

Comments received were grouped into 4 categories. The top category was safety. Other high-ranking categories were neighborhood appearance and neighborhood activity. Obviously, MECA has placed an emphasis on safety and will continue to place even more emphasis on safety going forward. The overwhelming neighborhood need is more volunteers. Volunteering in the neighborhood is enjoyable and a great opportunity to meet new friends.

Details of Comments 
and Related MECA Goals

In all the tables which follow, the comments received are in the left column and the corresponding MECA Goals are in the right column. Please be aware that some concerns neighbors have are not illegal. In those situations, MECA recommends that one neighbor distribute Chesterfield County’s Good Neighbor Guide to all or part of their street. Also please remember that MECA does not have the authority to self-enforce some concerns like speeding. We can and will help as appropriate.

Safety Related Comments

Neighbor Comment (14 total comments)Related MECA Goal
Keep dogs on leash (3 comments)MECA reports loose dogs; county has a leash law
Monitor/reduce speeding (3 comments)MECA has requested radar on high volume streets
Abolish street parking (2 comments)Street parking is legal; use Good Neighbor Guide 
More safety patrols (1 comment)We want and need them; more volunteers please!
Stripe the roads (1 comment)This is a V-DOT issue; their budget was recently cut
Keep trashcans off roads (1 comment)We can all report safety issues
Encourage children to play in backyards (1 comment)This is a neighborly thing to do
Stop those who turnaround in driveways (1 comment)Typically, this is not illegal
Require people to install Cameras (1 comment)MECA will encourage this; shopping center has 25

Community Related Comments

Neighbor Comment (12)Related MECA Goal
More community related events/fundraisers (3)MECA supports; we need leaders and volunteers
Have meet and greet for new residents (1)MECA will test this great idea when ban lifted
Change to mandatory dues (1)This requires a majority vote per covenants
Provide addressed envelope with each invoice (1)MECA will consider the cost of including
More amenities available to residents (1)Increased amenities would mean increased dues
Welcome new residents so they know MECA (1)Welcome Committee needs volunteers
Post yearly meeting dates in Meadowlark (1)Will do when ban is lifted
Provide access to neighborhood covenants (1)They are on
Partner with real estate agencies to promote slogan (1)MECA will investigate this great suggestion
Replace sign lights with LED lights (1)MECA has a quote but new fixture is expensive

Appearance Related Comments

Neighbor Comment (10)Related MECA Goal
Enforce codes and covenants (4)Codes enforcement high priority: anyone can call
Move trash cans immediately when empty (2)Neighbors can share the Good Neighbor Guide
Keep vines and shrubs off medians (1)MECA does Edgemere; VDOT does all others
Increase litter collection on Hopkins Road (1)Now done every other week; volunteers welcome
Cut trees that cover sign lights (1)Will do for Edgemere; 3 others on private property
Plant Japanese Maple Trees (1)MECA encourages neighbors to beautify yards

Favorable Comments

Neighbor Comment (11)Related MECA Goal
Great job (4)MECA will not let this go to our head
Best program (1)Volunteers needed to keep supporting it
Love seeing patrol cars (1)Volunteers needed to do more; pick your own time
Newsletters are great (1)Thank You, Brenda
Great dedication and hard work (1)MECA will not let this go to our head
Polite and unifying work by MECA (1)We love seeing people enjoying our neighborhood
One Neighbor has been an “angel on our shoulder” (1)We have great people living here
Stay the course (1)MECA greatest need is volunteers

Surveys with NScore and MECA Comments

There were 24 surveys with no rating, but every comment was included above.

The MECA Board of Directors wants to thank all of those who submitted their comments. This input provides direction as we continue to focus on improvements to our great neighborhood.  We express our appreciation to each neighbor for choosing to live and enjoy our area.  Keep up the good work!


You are the true backbone of all efforts.