About Meadowbrook Estates & Meadowbrook Estates Civic Association, MECA

Meadowbrook Estates is a subdivision of over 425 homes located in eastern Chesterfield County in central Virginia. The homes within this subdivision were built from the early 1960s through the 1980s and come in many different styles from central hall colonials, brick ranchers to tri-levels. Lots average about 1/2 acre in size and a typical home is over 2000 SF. Large oaks and maples fill the neighborhood, as most hardwood trees were left alone during construction. The neighborhood is two minutes from Chippenham Parkway and is bordered by Falling Creek to the north and east, Meadowbrook Country Club to the south, and Hopkins Road to the west. Meadowbrook Estates feeds into Falling Creek Elementary, Falling Creek Middle, and Meadowbrook High Schools. Lake Hills Road and Lake Hills Court are also included as part of the neighborhood.

Meadowbrook Estates Civic Association (MECA) is the civic association that helps bring the residents of Meadowbrook Estates together as neighbors. MECA holds executive monthly meetings and hosts periodic association meetings at nearby Meadowbrook Country Club. Additionally MECA sends out a quarterly newsletter one week prior to the meeting to the general membership, maintains the signage and median along Edgemere Boulevard, and hosts an annual Night Out in which all of our residents have an opportunity to interact with one another.